Head Coach – Guiding Principals

2016 graduate Katie Thomas recently interviewed the St. Andrews Intercollegiate Head Coaches as part of her Interdisciplinary Studies major.

KT: Briefly, could you tell me about your coaching philosophy?

Robin Brooks Head IHSA Hunter Seat Coach. “I believe in developing confident and empathic riders. I think that as coaches it is our job to make our riders feel confident about their abilities, and to help them to better understand and appreciate their horses.”

Carla Wennberg Head IHSA Western Coach. “Mental prep is key to winning. Riders MUST be athletic and fit. Riders must WANT to be a part of the team, not stand alone. ”

Jackie Dwelle Head IDA Dressage Coach. “Coaching is all about preparing students to participate in the job of competing. They need to view the competition as a job to be done and not allow the pressures of competition to get in their way. In addition to being able to ride, they need to be mentally tough to handle whatever comes their way in the competitive arena”


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