Alex Varisco Qualifies for Intercollegiate Dressage Association Nationals

Barney the dog giving Alex a kiss to celebrate her win.
Alex and Barney. Photo by Kelley Varisco.

Riding to four wins at First Level earned Alex Varisco a perfect score and a trip to the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) National Championships. No other rider in the region can catch Alex with one show left at Averett University next Sunday, Feb. 11. Alex will represent the region at IDA Nationals at Lake Erie College, April 26 – 29. Gaby Stephens is a strong contender for the Reserve Champion title. 

At the conclusion of the weekend St. Andrews trails Averett University 59 points to 63. “We are so close,” said Coach Jackie Dwelle, “going to be difficult to beat Averett on their own turf, but we will give it our best shot.”

In Upper Training Caroline Johnson has 18 points and is currently in second place in the division. At the Introductory level Kayla Thomas pointed out with the win on Sunday and Isa Duckett leads the division with 24 points.

Saturday Results

St. Andrews team of Gaby Stephens, Caroline Johnson, Juliana Moore and Isa Duckett were the Champions with 18 points. Caroline Johnson was reserve High Point Rider.

Dressage Seat Equitation

First Level – 1st Hope Botts

Training Level – 2nd Pam Denton

Introductory Level – 2nd Julia Slocum

In First Level Hope Botts and Daryl MacLeod qualify for Dressage Seat Equitation Regionals at Averett University next weekend.

Julia Solcum qualified at Introductory Level.

First Level Test 1

Place   #          Name                                                              Points              Percent            Place

1st 139 Alex Varisco SAU SAU 186.5 69.074 1
2nd 150 Daryl Macleod SAU SAU 182 67.407 2
3rd 143 Gaby Stephens SAU 181 67.037 3

Training Level Test 2

1st 121 Caroline Johnson SAU 185 71.154* 1
2nd 443 Sarah Morris SAU SAU 175 67.308 3

Training Level Test 1

4th 423 Juliana Moore SAU 153.5 66.739 4

Introductory Level Test B

1st 119 Isabelle Duckett SAU 111 69.375 1
3rd 122 Kayla Thomas SAU SAU 110.5 69.063 3
Four St. Andrews riders and their coach with blue and championship ribbons
Saturday’s winning team L to R: Juliana, Caroline, Gaby and Isa. Coach Dwelle behind

Sunday Results

The St. Andrews team came in 5th on Sunday for points purposes. A mixed team of all St. Andrews riders won 2nd place, receiving ribbons but not counting for year end points.

First Level Test 2

Place   #          Name                                                              Points              Percent            Place

1st 143 Gaby Stephens SAU 227 70.938 1
3rd 139 Alex Varisco SAU 219 68.438 3
4th 150 Daryl Macleod SAU SAU 217 67.813 4

Training Level Test 2

3rd 445 Beth Ann Tate SAU SAU 166.5 64.038 3
5th 121 Caroline Johnson SAU 160.5 61.731 5

Training Level Test 1

3rd 423 Juliana Moore SAU 142 61.739 3
4th 422 Pam Denton SAU 138 60 4

Introductory Level Test 2

1st 122 Kayla Thomas SAU SAU 108 67.5 1

St. Andrews Equestrian Program is dedicated to the development of future leaders in the equine industry. The program is home to the 2016 and 2017 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) National Champions in Western Horsemanship. The Hunter Seat team is regularly represented at IHSA Nationals and the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) team has sent riders to the National Championships nearly every year since 2002. Students also ride at USHJA and USEF rated shows as well as attending schooling shows.

A small liberal arts and sciences university, St. Andrews majors include Business, Biology and Therapeutic Horsemanship.

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