St. Andrews IHSA Home Show 11/11/2018

Overall Team Points

Duke University                          110

UNC-Chapel Hill                         109

St. Andrews University                111

East Carolina University              101

NC State University                    103

UNC-Charlotte                             72

UNC-Wilmington                          70

Elon University                             61


November 11 Team Points

St. Andrews University                40

NC State University                    39

East Carolina University              35

UNC-Chapel Hill                         33

Duke University                          30

UNC-Wilmington                        23

UNC-Charlotte                           18

Elon University                           15

St. Andrews Riders

Walk Trot                 

Alissa Picard             1st

Nolan Pierce            4th

Beginning Walk Trot Canter

Jessica Doepp                   3rd

Caitlyn Britton          4th

Advanced Walk Trot Canter                    

Lyndsey Cavanaugh  1st

Shelby Lemmonds    2nd

Sara Cyr                  3rd

Alexis Grimes           5th

Novice Flat              

Taylor Fowler           1st

Hannah Sutton         2nd

Kaylynn Sherry         3rd

Carly Parent             3rd

Novice Fences

Carly Parent             1st

Hannah Newman      5th

Kaylynn Sherry         6th

Intermediate Flat  

Hannah Newman      1st

Intermediate Fences        

Taylor Fowler           2nd

Open Flat

Liz Shaffer               1st

Sydney Eller             3rd

Open Fences

Liz Shaffer               1st

Sydney Eller             5th


Liz Shaffer was Reserve High Point Rider for the show.

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