Equestrian Team Travels to ECU/UNC Wilmington

Sydney Eller High Point Rider

“After the many hours of no stirrups over the last few semesters, I was finally able to have that moment of self-actualization and it was definitely worth it! Looking forward to another successful weekend at home.”

Said Sydney Eller who rode to victory in both Open Flat and Open Fences to earn the High Point Rider title Saturday at Cottonwood Farm, home to the East Carolina University IHSA team.

Overall Team Points
UNC-Chapel Hill 190
St. Andrews University 183
Duke University 170
NC State University 168
East Carolina University 162
UNC-Charlotte 117
UNC-Wilmington 104
Elon University 61

Team Points
UNC-Chapel Hill 41
NC State University 34
St. Andrews University 30
Duke University 30
East Carolina University 28
UNC-Wilmington 22
UNC-Charlotte 16
Elon University DNC

St. Andrews Riders

Walk Trot
Allison Wixson 2nd

Beginning Walk Trot Canter
Samantha Gallo 1st
Lizzie Grigsby 3rd
Sarah Beth Felker 3rd

Advanced Walk Trot Canter
Lyndsey Cavanaugh 1st
Maggie Martin 2nd
Emilie Peedin 5th

Novice Flat
Kaylynn Sherry 2nd
Stacy Ferraro 4th
Carly Parent 6th

Novice Fences
Carly Parent 2nd
Hannah Newman 4th

Intermediate Flat
Hannah Newman 2nd
Taylor Fowler 4th

Intermediate Fences
Taylor Fowler 2nd

Open Flat
Sydney Eller 1st
Liz Shaffer 4th

Open Fences
Sydney Eller 1st
Liz Shaffer 4th

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