St. Andrews Equestrian Home IHSA Show

UNC-Chapel Hill continues to dominate IHSA Hunter Seat this spring beating the Knights by 3 points on Saturday. “All our students rode well,” said Head IHSA Coach Ashley Duda. “UNC riders have more experience than most of our team and it shows! I was very pleased with how everyone rode today. Each rider represented themselves well and I was proud of the team today.”

Following Saturday’s show UNC-Chapel Hill leads the region by 7 points.

President Reagan
President Reagan

Overall Team Points

UNC-Chapel Hill                         230
St. Andrews University                223
Duke University                          195
NC State University                    192
East Carolina University              191
UNC-Charlotte                           130
UNC-Wilmington                        118
Elon University                             79



February 9 Team Points

Freshman Valentines Blue
Shelby Wins a Valentines Blue Ribbon

UNC-Chapel Hill                         40
St. Andrews University                37
East Carolina University              29
Duke University                          25
NC State University                    24
Elon University                           18
UNC-Wilmington                        14
UNC-Charlotte                           13

St. Andrews Riders

Hannah Newman was Reserve High Point Rider for the show

Walk Trot
Allison Wixson          3rd

Walk Trot Canter
Sara Cyr                  1st
Shelby Lemmonds    1st
Lyndsey Cavanaugh  2nd
Nicole Cantrell          2nd
Nicole Perrin            2nd
Maggie Martin          3rd

Freshman Red Ribbon
Freshman Red Ribbon

Novice Flat
Kaylynn Sherry         1s
Carly Parent             1st
Stacy Ferraro           5th

Novice Fences
Hannah Newman      1st
Carly Parent             2nd
Kaylynn Sherry         4th

Intermediate Flat
Hannah Newman      1st
Taylor Fowler           1st

Intermediate Fences
Taylor Fowler           5th

Playing with Horses
Playing with Horses

Open Flat
Sydney Eller             1st
Liz Shaffer               1st

Open Fences
Liz Shaffer               3rd
Sydney Eller             5th

Waiting to Show
Waiting to Show
School Horses Glenn & Beckett
School Horses Glenn & Beckett

By Jackie Dwelle, Results Nancy Demus, Photos Pebbles Turbeville & Sydney Eller

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