IDA Dressage Team competes at Averett


The St. Andrews Dressage Team started their season at Averett University, Sunday, Sept. 29.  Coach Lindsey Trockenbrot says, “The first show of the season is always great in seeing where you are and where you stand as a team.  We had some excellent rides and received great feedback to build upon.  We have our goals in mind for the remainder of our season!”

We’re excited about what this team can do in the rest of the shows.

St. Andrews Riders

Dressage Tests
Callie Johnson, First 2- 4th, 65.714%
Jessie Sprague, Training 3- 2nd Place, 65.862%
Isa Duckett, Intro C- 3rd Place, 68.750%
Alexis Grimes, Intro B- 5th Place, 64.688%

DSE (Dressage Seat Equitation) Divisions:
First Level, Maria Escribano- 7th
Upper Training, Jessie Sprague- 3rd
Lower Training Section A, Carly Parent- 1st
Lower Training Section B, Isa Duckett- 1st
Intro Level, Alexis Grimes- 4th, Jamie Donaldson- 6th

Overall Placings:
1- Mixed Team
2- Wake Forest
3- Averett
4- St. Andrews
5- Mixed Team
6- NC State

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