Congratulations St. Andrews IHSA Hunter Seat Team

Our IHSA Hunter Seat team once again brought home the championship ribbon at the UNC-Chapel Hill hosted horse show on 10/13.  We congratulate the competing riders on another job well done.  The hard work and practice times are paying off for them.  Despite the dreary, wet weather attitudes stayed positive and spirits were high.



Overall Team Standings in Region

St. Andrews University                                  84
North Carolina State University               76
UNC Chapel Hill                                                 66
UNC Wilmington                                               54
East Carolina University                                53
Elon University                                                   50
UNC Charlotte                                                   45
Davidson College                                             35
Duke University                                                 35
Martin Community College                         33


October 13 Team Results

St. Andrews University                                  41
North Carolina State University                39
UNC Chapel Hill                                                 37
Duke University                                                 35
Elon University                                                   26
UNC Charlotte                                                    26
East Carolina University                                22
UNC Wilmington                                               21
Martin Community College                            9


St. Andrews Riders

Open Fences – Sydney Eller, 1st
Open Flat – Sydney Eller, 1st
Intermediate Fences – Taylor Fowler, 2nd
Intermediate Flat – Taylor Fowler, 1st; Callie Johnson, 2nd
Limit Fences – Isabel McLaurin, 1st; Carly Parent, 2nd
Limit Flat – Sara Cyr, 2nd; Caroline Gemmell, 3rd, Isabel McLaurin, 4th; Abby Wyman, 5th; Kelly Mondus, 6th
Novice – Nicole Cantrell, 1st; Christie Zeman, 2nd; Samantha Gallo, 3rd; Shelby Lemmonds, 3rd
Pre-Novice – Jessica Doepp, 2nd
Introductory – Allison Wixson, 3rd; Kaitlyn Howard, 4th

Congratulations to Sydney Eller who was High Point Rider for the day.

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