Another victory for St. Andrews Hunter Seat IHSA Team

Our hunter seat team traveled to N.C. State in Raleigh on Oct. 26 to compete in the season’s third hunter seat IHSA show.  We congratulate the team with another team championship.  St. Andrews is currently in first place in the region among all the teams competing.  Our next hunter seat show will be November 17 at East Carolina.

Overall Team Points

St. Andrews University             126
NC State University                    113
UNC-Chapel Hill                             99
East Carolina University             92
UNC-Wilmington                           83
Elon University                                74
UNC-Charlotte                                66
Duke University                              56
Martin Community College      48
Davidson College                          35
Campbell University                     14


October 26 Team Points
St. Andrews University              42
East Carolina University            39
NC State University                     37
UNC-Chapel Hill                            33
UNC-Wilmington                          29
Elon University                              24
UNC-Charlotte                              21
Duke University                            21
Martin Community College    15
Campbell University                   14


St. Andrews Riders
Open Fences – Sydney Eller – 3rd
Open Flat – Sydney Eller – 1st
Intermediate Fences – Taylor Fowler – 2nd
Intermediate Flat – Callie Johnson – 4th
Limit Fences – Isabel McLaurin – 1st; Carly Parent – 2nd; Sara Cyr – 2nd
Limit Flat – Isabel McLaurin – 1st; Carly Parent – 1st; Sara Cyr – 2nd; Caroline Gemmell – 4th
Novice – Lyndsey Cavanaugh – 2nd; Nicole Perrin – 2nd; Anna Feagans – 3rd; Nicole Cantrell – 6th
Introductory – Allison Wixson -1st

Special congratulations to Isabel McLaurin for being the high point rider of the show by winning both her over fences and flat classes.



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