St. Andrews IDA Show is a success!

While the western team was away at Liberty, our IDA dressage team battled the rainy skies and some last-minute changes to host a show at the equestrian facility on November 16.  Congratulations to the team on being Reserve Champion for the show!

Congratulations IDA Team – Reserve Champions!!

A word from coach Lindsey Trockenbrot…

“Although the weather changed our plans last minute, my team came together to organize a wonderful horse show.  Hosting a show is always challenging, as the team is not only competing, but also preparing the horses, organizing tack, warming up, and making sure everything runs smoothly.  I am very proud of how everyone stepped up to the plate to get the job done.  They had their heads in the game, rode well and were rewarded with Reserve High Point team.  I’m very lucky to coach this group and am looking forward to the next part of our season!”

St. Andrews IDA Team riders

  • First Level: Callie Johnson – 4th
  • Upper Training: Jessie Sprague – 3rd
  • Lower Training: Carly Parent – 3rd
  • Introductory: Lindsey Cavanaugh – 1st ; Alexis Grimes – 2nd

Dressage Seat Equitation

  • First Level: Maria Escribano – 6th
  • Upper Training: Jessie Sprague – 2nd
  • Lower Training: Carly Parent – 2nd
  • Introductory: Alexis Grimes – 2nd

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