What I Wish I Would’ve Known As A Freshman

By Shelby Stegall      

What I wish I would’ve known as a freshman. The months prior to attending St. Andrews University were filled with nervous excitement. While leaving home for the first time is exciting, it can also be a scary and nerve racking experience. If that’s you, it is okay, it’s normal. It’s okay to be nervous, your whole life is about to change. I was nervous for the same reasons many students heading into their freshman year of college are. I was nervous about making friends, becoming homesick, struggling in my classes and so much more but I am here to tell you; relax and enjoy every second of it.

Welcome to the Four Best Years of Your Life

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Dear St. Andrews,

Thank you.

Running My Fastest 400 meters

Thank you for all the experiences and memories you have given me. Coming in as a freshman, I was nervous and scared to be away from home. Little did I know, St. Andrews University would become my new home. My freshman advisor, Dr. Bushoven, was very welcoming and helped me figure out what classes would best fit me. I have always been somewhat of an introvert and, because I am quiet, the thought of being in a new classroom with people I did not know was somewhat intimidating.  Quickly I found the small class setting St. Andrews had to offer really made me comfortable with professors and students.  I quickly began to see the community St. Andrews had. Continue reading “Dear St. Andrews,”

Alumni Spotlight: Connor Smith “A Passion for IHSA Leads to a Career”

by Beth Ann Tate

L to R: Coach Carla Wennberg, Equestrian Program Director Peggy McElveen, Connor Smith, Assistant Coach Lindsey Trokenbrot.

Conner Smith is a 2018 graduate of St. Andrews University with a degree in Business Administration: Specialized Program of Study in Equine Business Management believes a passion for IHSA led to a career in the Quarter Horse industry. During his time at St. Andrews Conner was a part of the IHSA Varsity Western Team as well as the riding council president for the 2017-2018 school year. Conner became a student at St. Andrews in 2014 and joined the western team as an Intermediate level rider. During his first year Conner showed at many of the regular season shows but did not qualify as a regional rider.

During his Sophomore year Conner pointed out of intermediate during the first regular season horse show, which qualified him for Regionals. He then began to show advanced and continued to Semi-finals and Nationals as the intermediate individual and advanced team rider. Conner placed third at Nationals in the team advanced.

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Summer Internship Experiences

By: Katelyn Daggett

Camp Seafarer Equestrian Staff
Camp Seafarer Equestrian Staff

As a junior majoring in equine business management preparing for my senior year, I realized that having an internship in the equine field would be beneficial to me after graduation.  I decided to do an internship at YMCA Camp Seafarer as the Assistant Riding Director.  Camp Seafarer is an all-girls camp that offers a variety of land and sea activities like sailing, fishing, archery, athletics, creative arts, and horseback riding.  The horseback riding program at Camp Seafarer was originally started by Peggy McElveen and St. Andrews University has had a tight-knit relationship with the program ever since.  Every summer, St. Andrews Equestrian Center sends the majority of its horses to summer camp programs.  The horses arrive at camp in late May and stay there until early August.  This past summer, twenty-four horses from the dressage, western, and hunter seat programs traveled to Camp Seafarer to teach girls in elementary, middle, and high school how to ride.

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The Ever-Increasing Unwanted Horse

Alex Varisco and her off the track thoroughbred Chad.
Alex Varisco and her off the track thoroughbred Chad.

Hi everyone, my name is Alex Varisco, and I am a senior at St. Andrews University studying communications and equine business management. I ride on the St. Andrews Intercollegiate Dressage Association Team, and one of my favorite aspects of this program is its emphasis on shaping future equestrian leaders in the equine industry. Whether one has intentions of riding professionally or simply owning horses for pleasure, we all play a role in the lives of these horses we love and care about. Perhaps the most eye opening part of my studies has been researching and discussing current events and issues in the equestrian world.

A hot topic in our classroom conversation, the ever increasing “unwanted horse” is an issue I chose to research for class when prompted to identify five challenges in the equine industry for discussion. Like many others, this issue affects me on a personal level, not only because of my love for horses and equestrian sports, but also because I own an off the track Thoroughbred and support the comeback of the breed in the equestrian sports world. After my investigation of this important industry challenge, I believe the researched information presented proves we must take initiative as future contributors to the equine industry and help resolve the issue of the unwanted horse in America.

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Pre-Veterinary Program at St. Andrews University

By Barbara-Ann Grantham

Pre Veterinary Interns at WorkSt. Andrews University has a Pre-Veterinary Program.  The program is not a major, but rather it is designed to help students meet the entrance requirements of veterinary schools regardless of their major (however, the majority of students in this program are Biology majors).  This program offers students the chance to gain hands-on experience.  Students in the Pre-Veterinary Program must keep their grades up to stay on track and avoid falling behind.  St. Andrews University’s Pre-Veterinarian Program’s mission is to prepare its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain acceptance in a veterinary program of their choice, and for its students to later be successful as a professional in this field.  Continue reading “Pre-Veterinary Program at St. Andrews University”