My Work Study Experience

My Work Study Experience
by Emilie Peedin

                College is a hard time for everyone involved, especially being on an equestrian team. Between your team, classes, homework, clubs and maintaining a social life, its hard to find time for much else. So how could you possibly factor in a way to also receive some extra spending money for your time at St. Andrews University? Finding a good work study position that you enjoy while also having time for everything else will be challenging but very rewarding.

Foggy morning, ready to bring in horses


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What I Wish I Would’ve Known As A Freshman

By Shelby Stegall      

What I wish I would’ve known as a freshman. The months prior to attending St. Andrews University were filled with nervous excitement. While leaving home for the first time is exciting, it can also be a scary and nerve racking experience. If that’s you, it is okay, it’s normal. It’s okay to be nervous, your whole life is about to change. I was nervous for the same reasons many students heading into their freshman year of college are. I was nervous about making friends, becoming homesick, struggling in my classes and so much more but I am here to tell you; relax and enjoy every second of it.

Welcome to the Four Best Years of Your Life

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Got Chocolate Chip cookies? Make Lemonade!

Lemonade at CThis weekend did not turn out as I had expected. My blog post A Chocolate Chip Cookie Weekend took a look at why we do what we do in colleges with equine studies programs and intercollegiate dressage teams. During that discussion I thought I had outlined most of the outcomes, and the benefits and rewards of collegiate equestrian programs. I even went as far as to suggest that some of the learning may not be easy and could be a little awkward.  Not even close! I failed to consider the possibility of no clinic!

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Fitness for Equestrians

By Erica Curtis, ’19 

St. Andrews University Gym
St. Andrews University Gym

As equestrians, we expect a lot from the massive, majestic, four-legged wonders we call horses.  We require horses be able to maintain proper frame and movement in a dressage test, execute sliding stops in a reining pattern, or jump a course of jumps, all with the additional weight of the tack and a rider on the horse’s back.  Thus, it is only fair to the horse that we, as equestrians, maintain proper fitness.  By doing so, we can be a help and not a hindrance to the horse during our rides.

At the St. Andrews University Equestrian Program, students are encouraged to maintain good physical fitness practices. St. Andrews Equestrian Team members often meet up to work out together, not only increase physical fitness, but to bond together as a team. Students at St. Andrews University have access to a gym, running trails, and open swim days, if they wish to get fit more on their own.

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