Wennberg ‘honored’ to be a judge at Quarter Horse Congress

As one of 19 official judges for the 2019 All American Quarter Horse Congress recently held in Columbus, Ohio, St. Andrews Carla Wennberg was among the elite and nationally recognized equestrian judges to be part of the largest single breed-horse show in the world.

With over 25,000 horse show entries in various events with 9,000 horses competing and an estimated 650,000 attending the October 5-26 competition, Wennberg was involved with some 13 days of judging without a day off — and says she and loved every minute.

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Show Team Adventures

By Zoe Cluck

Zoe and Chandler
Zoe and Chandler after a great afternoon of schooling!

Reflecting back on last semester, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend two horse shows with the SAU Show team. I attended one of the Tryon B Shows and the annual Duke Jump for the Children horse show. The Tryon B Show holds a special place in my heart because it was the first weekend after my boyfriend had been deployed to Afghanistan. This horse show made for a really good distraction and helped me adjust to the deployment.

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Mr Bojangles Back in the Day

by Jenna BeiBoJ1ghle for Equine Business Management class.

Old owner Loren-Daniel Hazard only had good things to say about her beloved Mr. Bojangles.

“Although he’s not the brightest horse in the world….he is so sweet!!!”  They worked so well as a team, they were even successful enough to win a saddle.  When recalling stories from their past, she said one day he heard her talk and tried to turn around in the trailer to find her and ended up getting his head stuck between the ceiling and divider and calmly just waited for her help.  Another day, while jumping, Mr. Bojangles spooked and stopped at a gated jump.  He ended up getting his foot stuck through the gait and just started running backwards, gate attached. When he finally stopped the gate had to be cut off with a saw.  In both instances, he walked away without a single scratch – talk about a trooper!  She calls him “a complete goon but always tried his best and he LOVED to show off in the ring.  It was very rare for me not to win the hacks on him even in solid company.”  And apparently, he has a ridiculous whinny that will make anyone smile, even on their worst day.  He’s a rare, silly, but amazing horse.

Bojangles is now retired at St. Andrews. He enjoys being a pasture ornament and participating in Dr. Kellam’s veterinary classes. Retirement as a trail horse or companion animal would be considered to the right home.


Horses Then…and Now – Smokey!

Contributed by Jenna Beighle for Equine Business Management Social Media Assignment.

Smokey Then…


2009 at SAPC – Under the Stars Show

Smokey, a well-known and beloved horse, arrived at St. Andrews in 2007. He was used for beginner lessons through the western program where one rider in particular, Jessica Gesel, fell in love with him.   Although he wasn’t often used for IHSA shows (due to his navicular disease), he was very helpful for IHSA practices for beginner walk trot as he always had a gentle soul.

As Smokey got older and headed towards retirement, he also got something else: a best friend and a forever home.   Jessica Gesel (Class of 2009) was lucky enough to take him home graduation day in May of 2009. From then on, he enjoyed some light trail riding and fun before he unfortunately became too lame to accept a rider. After x-rays revealed that he had fairly severe navicular disease, he was officially retired in the fall of 2009.

Today, at 27 years old, Smokey is still living with Jess and shares a 3-acre pasture with a 14-year-old saddlebred gelding named Scout. They have the life of leisure at her farm in Locust, NC. Currently, Smokey is happily living out his golden years with two of his best friends: Scout, and his mom, Jess. “He will give you a pony hug if you wrap your arms around his neck whenever you’re down. He’s the best horse I’ve ever had,” says Jess. But with him, the favor has to be returned and if he wants to be petted, he will lightly head-butt you to get your attention. He also regularly chases her car up and down the fence line whenever she leaves or comes home. Smokey is a true mushbug of a horse and couldn’t have asked for a better life – at St. Andrews and after!

… and Now!


2015 – Smokey (right) with his best friend, Scout, at his forever home