Tournament of Champions Results.

Team Standings
  1.       Bridgewater – 39
  2.       SCAD 1 – 33
  3.       Mt. Holyoke 1 – 30
  4.       SCAD 2 – 29
  5.       Mt. Holyoke 2 – 27
  6.       St. Andrews – 27
  7.       Randolph – 24
  8.       Penn State – 22
  •             Open O/F – Kelsey Kocher – 3rd
  •             Open Flat – Kelsey Kocher – 4th
  •             Intermediate O/F – Sabrina Vlacich – 3rd
  •             Intermediate Flat – Sabrina Vlacich – 2nd
  •             Novice O/F – Mackenzie Parks – 4th
  •             Novice Flat – Mary Thomson – DNP
  •             WTC – Grace Wadford – 3rd
  •             WT – Paola Sierra-Danielson – 4th​

Ride-Like-A-Knight Receives Gift for Cooper Care Fund

Great article in The Laurinburg Exchange about a gift from the Scottish Pilot Club who have been active supporters of the Ride-Like-A-Knight program.

Scottish Pilots award gift to therapeutic horse program

Rooney Coffman photo Scottish Pilot Club president, Barbara Mack, presents a check to Rachel Gaardsmoe, a therapeutic horseman student, for the purchase of Cooper. From left are Dorothy Tyson, Lorna Frost, Cooper, Rachel Gaardsmoe, Barbara Mack, Diana Johnston, Treasurer, and Ida McGill.

Tournament of Champions

The Hunter Seat Equestrian Team will be participating in the Tournament of Champions at Randolph College in Lynchburg, VA on Friday afternoon, September 18 and all day on Saturday, September 19.  This is an invitational tournament of The Regional Champion Teams from 2015.  These six students will be representing St. Andrews and will depart campus at 12:00 noon on Friday and return around 9:00 PM on Saturday night.

  • Kelsey Kocher
  • Sabrina Vlacich
  • Mackenzie Parks
  • Mary Thomson
  • Grace Wadford
  • Paola Sierra-Danielsen

Have a safe trip and good luck!

Blogging 201

I enrolled in Blogging 201: Branding and Growth through WordPress. This class runs for the next two weeks. Our first assignment is to post goals for our blogs. So here goes.

The purpose of the St. Andrews Equestrian blog is to share equestrian program news, events and information relating to the program with past, current and future students and their families. The blog will serve as part of the recruiting funnel for the St. Andrews University (North Carolina campus) Admissions office.

We will do this by;

  • Posting at least once a week during the fall semester.
  • Developing a regular weekly feature by the end of September 2015.
  • Increase followers on our facebook page by 500 by the end of 2015. We currently have 8,819 followers on facebook.


What Do We Do?

The St. Andrews University Equestrian program serves the students of St. Andrews University (A branch of Webber International University). The university offers two majors in Business Administration; one with a Specialization in Equine Business and the other with a Specialization in Therapeutic Horsemanship Management. Our Biology Department offers a Biology degree with a Specialized Program of Study in Equine Science. All students no matter what they are studying are invited to participate in the equestrian program, taking lessons, riding on one of our successful intercollegiate teams, volunteering in the Ride-Like-A-Knight Therapeutic Horsemanship program, doing work study at the barn and becoming a member of Riding Council. We host Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA), Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA), American National Riding Commission (ANRC) horse shows as well as Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Int.) workshops and conferences. Veterinarian in Residence Dr. Laura Kellam runs a unique pre-veterinarian internship program which is strongly experiential.