Spring 2019

Tentative Event Schedule

12 Senior Saturday
16 Classes Begin
18 Lessons Begin
19 Senior Saturday
25 IHSA Western Show at St. Andrews – PM only
26 Senior Saturday
26-27 IHSA Western Show at St. Andrews

2 IDA Show at St. Andrews
2 Senior Saturday
3 IHSA Hunter Seat Horse Show, East Carolina
4 RLAK lessons begin
9 IHSA Hunter Seat Show at St. Andrews
16 Senior Saturday
16 IHSA Western Show Martin Community College
17 IHSA Western Regionals Martin Community College
17 IDA Show at Averett University
23 IHSA Hunter Seat Show at St. Andrews
24 IDA Show at Wake Forest University

2 Open House
9-17 Spring Break
16-17 IHSA Western Semi Finals at Utah State
23 Make up IHSA show date for HS if needed
24 IHSA Hunter Seat Regionals at St. Andrews
29-31 IEA Zones at St. Andrews
29-31 PATH Region 3 Regional Conference – Glade Springs Resort, Daniels, WV

6 IHSA Hunter Seat Zones at University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
6 RLAK Horse Show
6 Open House
10-14 ANRC National Intercollegiate Equitation Championships at Frying Pan Park
12 Last day of RLAK classes
12-13 Alumni Weekend
19-22 Easter Break
26-28 IDA Nationals, Lake Erie College, Ohio

1-5 IHSA Nationals, Syracuse, NY
2 Last day of classes
4-9 Final Exams
10 Baccalaureate
11 Commencement
20-29 Horses to camps